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From streetview to sheepview360

What do you do, if you have found the most beautiful spot on earth but no one knows what you are talking about, not even Google Street View? For the Faroese woman Durita Dahl Andreassen the answer was easy - with a sheep and a camera she found a window to the world.

Watch the press film about this project

Watch the 360 film

360Sheep on a roof

360Sheep in action

Sheep on street

Durita with sheep

Durita with lots of sheep

Durita with a 360sheep

A 360 Picture

The cardboard glasses

360 Camera on Sheep

Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse 2015 film

See and download the Total Solar Eclipse 2015 film here

Solar Eclipse helicopter shot

Breathtaking view from a helicopter over the Faroe Islands this morning as the corona from the Total Solar Eclipse appeared.

Solar Eclipse 2

While some were lucky and saw the full solar eclipse (even the beautiful corona) numerous had to settle with only half of the eclipse and the sun beams that shone trough the foggy sky.

Solar Eclipse 3

This was just one of the many cruise liners trying to get a glimpse through the clouds of the Total Solar Eclipse right above them.

Solar Eclipse 4

On land only a few lucky people stood in the right spot at the right time during the Total Solar Eclipse above the Faroe Islands.

Solar Eclipse 5

The Faroe Islands was covered in fog this morning. Only a few places had an open hole to the sky from where people could stand on land and look up to see the amazing Total Solar Eclipse over the Faroe Islands.

Solar Eclipse 6

The clouds that had covered most of the Total Solar Eclipse process this morning, suddenly began to move away as the amazing corona moment was about the occur.

Solar Eclipse 7

The light and colours were highly unusual right before the full solar eclipse occured.

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