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Hiking in the Faroe Islands

You’ll find that once you get off the beaten path on foot, the mountains and valleys will open up for you in marvellous and unexpected ways.

A short hike into the mountains affords numerous vantage points that overlook awe-inspiring peaks in one direction and the dishevelled surface of the ocean in another. One of the many special features of the Faroe Islands is that you don’t have to go far to experience magnificent and untouched nature. Look around you. Take a few steps. Take a deep breath and listen. It’s all right there!

Safety isn’t expensive, its priceless

We have hiked all over the Faroe Islands, seeking out the most beautiful trails and sightseeing spots. Each step you take on while hiking, we will have been there before you. Please be sure you are fully prepared by reading the hiking guide, which includes 23 hiking routes and important practical information.

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous

Read the hiking guide online or download the hiking guide.

Read also our guide to safe hiking.


Use for inspriation for hikes and guidance while hiking. The website lets you filter hikes according to location, difficulty, length and up-to-date wind direction.


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