In the Faroe Islands, it’s possible to experience visual art in many churches as well as other public spaces. In the churches of Haldórsvík and Miðvágur, for instance, Torbjørn Olsen has created unique altarpieces based on the Passion of Jesus. Ditlev Blunck’s work on the burial of Jesus hangs in the cathedral in Tórshavn. Opening times of churches, such as during a service, can be found on Folkekirke’s website. 

Tróndur Patursson has decorated several sub-sea tunnels with light installations – the most spectacular is in the Eysturoy tunnel where the roundabout is definitely worth a look. Regular exhibitions of Faroese and Nordic art are held in the Nordic House in Tórshavn. Across the Faroese capital, there are several galleries and venues, such as Steinprent, Víngarðurin, Myndlist, Gallarí Havnará and Smiðjan Lítluvík, where temporary art exhibitions are held. Another place open to the public is Williamshús, the private residence and primary workplace of Faroe Islands' most famous writer William Heinesen. The house is filled with inspiring artworks and remains unchanged since Heinesen’s passing in 1991. In Klaksvík, the local art association, Norðoya Listafelag, holds exhibitions and events whilst Gamla Seglhúsið is active in staging engaging, temporary exhibitions. In Vágur, a very fine selection of Ruth Smith’s works can be seen by appointment with the Ruth Smith Collection and in Leirvík in the Boat and Art Museum you can view Jóannis Kristiansen’s impressionistic paintings.