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The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands (Listasavn Føroya) is beautifully located in Viðalundin Park in Tórshavn and, holding the world’s largest collection of Faroese visual art, it's an obvious place to visit. 

The collection has around 2,800 pieces of art, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, and textiles. Some of the oldest artworks date back to the 1830s, while others are more recent. In the National Gallery, there's a big area where they show the permanent art collection. Step into a world where canvases burst with the breathtaking beauty of the Faroe Islands—think emerald mountains, rugged cliffs, the boundless sea, and one-of-a-kind rock formations. It's not just scenery; it's a masterpiece.

The gallery unveils vibrant portrayals of diverse birdlife, countless sheep dotting the landscapes, enchanting villages nestled in the terrain, and the ever-shifting moods of Faroese weather. Beyond the brushstrokes, these artworks reveal the profound significance of faith in the hearts of these artists.

In addition to its rich permanent collection; the National Gallery constantly hosts dynamic exhibitions featuring talented Faroese artists. For the latest lineup, check out the "Exhibitions" section.

This gallery isn't just another tourist spot—it's a must-visit destination. Because it paints a vivid portrait of the land, nature, and landscape through stunning artwork. It's where art truly breathes life into the essence of this remarkable place.

The national gallery in Torshavn by Filip Gielda