“[The islands] may be little but nature works on a grand scale here”

- Lonely Planet

The splendid nature of the Faroe Islands is unmissable – quite literally. Whether you sail between fjords or fly between mountains upon arrival, you will be keenly greeted by spectacular nature, regardless of season.

Verdant green valleys are engulfed by steep dramatic mountains, protecting small picturesque villages with colourful turf-topped houses; all home to the freshest air. The vast ocean is the backdrop to any location, with no place in the Faroe Islands distanced more than 5 kilometres from the North Atlantic.

A journey into the mountains of the Faroe Islands will give you a sense of peace and liberation. The only audible sounds are those of running streams or birdsongs (and the occasional bleating sheep, of course!). The magnificent nature offers the perfect setting for an opportunity to step back and feel that sense of inner peace, a chance to hear that inner voice—moments of complete relaxation.


Nature as a whole is revered here. Its influence on local culture cannot be undervalued and its significance in shaping the islands’ inhabitants is profoundly evident in their character and way of thinking. See more on various eco initiatives & environmental subjects below.