Programme 2019

Here is what the programme for 2019 looked like:

Thursday, 25 April

  • Arrival with Atlantic Airways to the Faroe Islands at 14:00 or 20:00 (other options are available, contact 62N for more information)
  • Shuttle to Pakkhúsið in Bø for meet & greet with a light meal, then shuttle to the villages where you will spend the night in accommodation provided by us
  • Free time


Friday, 26 April

  • Breakfast and meet with a representative from local tourist information centres and municipalities, where information on the work for the two days will be outlined
  • Work
  • Lunch
  • Work
  • Evening meal
  • Transport to accommodation
  • Free time


Saturday, 27 April

  • Breakfast
  • Work
  • Lunch
  • Work
  • Late afternoon: shuttle to Tórshavn, check in at accommodation
  • Shuttle/taxis to party
  • Dinner, drink and entertainment
  • Shuttle/taxis back from the party


Sunday, 28 April

  • Departure to the airport either very early, mid-day or evening


Voluntourists were asked to arrive no later than Thursday evening, 25 April to take part in the projects.

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