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    (on hold until September 2024)

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Feel free to look around on this site, where you can find all relevant information about a possible future collaboration. 



Collaborators are essential for our work in spreading awareness about the Faroe Islands. Over the years the content that has come out of these collaborations has helped our social channels grow to new heights.


Collaborators will always play a big role in our work. Still, because of budget cuts, the small digital team at Visit Faroe Islands will focus on maximizing the resources we have to utilize the great content we already have.


This means we will not engage in new collaboration till potentially late in the second half of 2024.


You are welcome to send us your collaboration request: http://vficollaboration.com/send-request/


Once we are ready to re-open, and if we find your request in line with our goals and strategies, we will get back to you.