The old path between Vatnsoyrar and Miðvágur needs a loving hand. The plan is to maintain the path, dig ditches and drain where necessary and preserve old cairns so that the path becomes more beautiful and easier to walk. The old village path can work as an alternative route for pedestrians to and from the airport, and we also plan to set up hiking signs, so the path is easier to find. The view is magnificent, and hikers can enjoy a quiet walk away from the noisy main road. However, the peace is periodically interrupted by the arriving and departing airplanes.


Many people who visit the Faroe Islands tend to stop by the small village of Tjørnuvík. From Tjørnuvík, a village path leads to another popular location; Saksun. The path is worn and needs to be mended to ensure a safe hike. The old stonewalls leading up to the path will be repaired, and the start of the path will be made more visible. This will allow the infield grass to grow, which in turn will provide more food for the sheep during the winter.


There is a wonderful view of Funningur from Hvíthamar. The viewpoint has been increasingly popular the last few years. To improve safety in the area, and to prevent wear and tear of the fragile nature of the place, we will erect signposts and ladders, and provide information about the location


A popular village path on Eysturoy is between the villages of Hellurnar and Fuglafjørður. The path is in relatively good condition, but the first 300 metres from Hellurnar consist of an old paved path. This path is no longer visible and will be mended.


It was a lot of fun working together and I am proud of what we achieved in Trælanípa. Hope to be back next year! – Anna Villa, 2019 volunteer from Norway


Klakkur is one of the tallest mountains surrounding Klaksvík, the second-largest town in the Faroe Islands. Because of its easy accessibility, the hike to the mountaintop is very popular.

There is no proper path to the top, meaning the trodden path has been worn and is often muddy. The Maintenance Crew in 2019 started building a proper path. This year we hope to complete the beginning of the path up to the top.


Skúvoy is an area that has a special significance for birdlife and biological diversity, both in a national and an international perspective, and is, therefore, a Rasmsar site. On Skúvoy, volunteers will set up signs and signposts to regulate the noise and guiding hikers to selected routes around the island, ensuring birds can angle in peace.


The island of Nólsoy, just outside Tórshavn, is a nice refuge and day-trip from Tórshavn. The path to the lighthouse located in the south of the island is a nice 4-5 hour walk. The Maintenance Crew in 2019 marked the hike with wooden wayfinding posts, ensuring that hikers walk in the correct direction. This year the path, especially on the steep slope up the hill will be fixed.


From Trongisvágur, a village path leads to the beautiful village of Fámjin. The path needs to be mended to ensure a safe hike. The old cairns leading up to the path will be repaired, and the start of the path will be made more visible with signage. Also gates needs to be built on the route.


The project will include working on two mountain paths. The first one is called “Niðan á Snið” which is the path from the middle of the village and straight up towards the mountain top. The other one is “Út á Hæl” which goes towards the south of the island and passes the settlement in the south that has not been inhabited for centuries.

We will put down wayfinding signs and poles. Maintenance work will be done on both paths that need to be mended and drained – we will especially focus on the beginning of the path towards the southern part of the island.