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Since 2019, between 6 and 11 sites have been closed annually for maintenance. The projects are identified by local municipalities and tourism offices to improve and withhold safety and infrastructure for locals and visitors alike.

The Faroe Islands are one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, but the upkeep of these stunning sites requires regular maintenance. To ensure that these sites remain in their best condition, a weekend has been set aside for maintenance work. The local authorities have invited volunteers who are passionate about preserving nature and wildlife to help with these projects. The tasks vary, but may include creating pathways, constructing viewpoints, and installing wayfinding signs to make navigation easier. Once in a while, historical sites are repaired to maintain their cultural heritage.

Are you interested in a unique opportunity to experience Faroese culture while making a positive impact? Our program selects participants from around the world to work on various projects located on different islands. You will be assigned to a team, where you will work alongside local coordinators and Faroese volunteers. In exchange for your helping hand, we will provide you with accommodation and food during the three-night maintenance period. The following Saturday night will be a celebratory meal for everyone involved, where you can mingle with locals and fellow volunteers.

Since 2019, between six and eleven sites have been closed every year for maintenance. In total, 46 projects across 31 different sites on 10 islands have been closed for this purpose. These projects are selected by local municipalities and tourism offices across the islands. Some projects have been ongoing since 2019, while others are changed every year.

Map showing closed for maintenance projects since 2019

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Anyone interested in participating in next year’s maintenance days can sign up to be notified by e-mail about when registration will open. This can be done here.