22 Jun
Sports & Recreation

Old Cars and motor cycles event in Fuglafjørður


Saturday 22. June there will be a public car and motor cycle event at the Culture house in Fuglafjørður.

The event is for all old kinds of vehicles, cars, special cars like old american cars, cars that have been converted or “pimped” and all other funny and exciting cars, motor cycles and special mopeds.

There are 20 members in Fuglafjarðar Ellisakfør (The Old cars Society of Fuglafjørður) and they have been activ for seven years.
They meet every Wednesday evening at the old lumber yard, where they have their cars on display.

The idea of the event is to gather as many as possible car-enthusiasts, where they can show and share their cars and get inspired by each other.

Those who want to join the event on Saturday, meet at the sportshall in Kambsdalur at 13.30 for a convoy drive to Fuglafjørður down to the Culture house, where the cars and other vehicles will be sat on display.

The event begins at 14.00 -17.00.

Questions will be answered by Hans David Joensen: 228201



The Culture House (Mentanarhúsið)

Karvatoftir 5
530 Fuglafjørður


22 Jun 14:00 - 19:00