27 Jun
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Concert with Acoustic Eidolon and Thomas Loefke


Concert with American duo Acoustic Eidolon and German harpist Thomas Loefke on Mykines in connection with the Summartónar Festival.

Summartónar is an annual summer long festival for Contemporary and Classical music.

See the full programme on composers.fo

About Acoustic Eidolon and Thomas Loefke:

Acoustic Eidolon is manned by Hannah Alkire, cellist and Joe Scott, guitarist. They have combined their musical talents to create an exciting new acoustic instrumental sound. Joe plays an instrument he invented: the double-neck guitjo, a custom acoustic guitar with two necks, built exclusively for him. This one-of-a-kind instrument has incredible range and tonal qualities, sounding at times like a piano, dulcimer or beautiful harp.

On several tours Acoustic Eidolon have been joined by Thomas Loefke, adding his Celtic Harp to the magical sound of Acoustic Eidolon. 

Since 1984 Thomas has toured across Europe, Canada and the USA. He has received numerous international prizes. “People are listening to quiet haunting music again,” says Thomas. “It’s amazing how the sound of the harp takes the speed out of everyday life and brings you back to a sort of tingling slowness.

Hannah Alkire  vocals, cello

Joe Scott vocals, double neck guitjo, guitar

Thomas Loefke  Celtic harp




The Church of Mykines

Túalsvegur 10
388 Mykines


27 Jun


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