10 May
250 DKK

Double concert with Northern Assembly and Blátt Gras


Double concert with bands Northern Assembly and Blátt Gras in Old School in Sørvágur.

Tickets are available on atgongumerki.fo, the prize is 250dkk/person

About Northern Assembly

Northern Assembly is a neo-folk quartet manned by:

Dina Dánialsdóttir– vocals, mandolin, piano

Andreas Bevan – vocals – guitar
Jens Hedegaard – drums, vocals
Jesper Smalbro – double bass, vocals

About Blátt Gras

Blátt Gras is a county band from Sørvágur. They are playing “Blue-Grass’ish music. The melodies are a mix of heartfelt love songs and than happy Blue-Grass’ish songs. The lyrics are about love, daily life and about our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ

Blátt Gras are: Ragnar Joensen, Johan Mikkelsen, Terje Johannesen, Jarnhold Nattestad and Richard Johansen.


The Old School

Skúlabrekka 4
380 Sørvágur


10 May 20:00 - 21:30


Pr person 250 DKK