06 Nov
Tórshavn (capital)
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Exhibition opening: The Sea


On Friday 6 November from 16.00-18.00, the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands will be holding an opening reception for the new special exhibition ‘The Sea’.

There will be speeches and live music, and refreshments will be served.

The exhibition focuses on the sea, with art works that depict a number of central themes, including: fishing, pollution and the mysteries of the sea.

The stormy sea is all around us on the Faroe Islands and the country’s sea area is larger than its land area, which means that we are part of the group ‘Large Ocean Nations’. It is thus completely natural for many generations of artists to have been inspired by the omnipresent sea.

The sea is also a vital resource for commercial fishing, which is connected with highly unpredictable natural forces, fear and loss. The sight of the sea has always been imbued with a certain fatalism, mystique and respect, which is reflected in the art works.

Themes such as the pollution of the world’s seas have been brought into the spotlight by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and this is also an important aspect of the exhibition.

Join us on board and experience the power of the sea through the art works.

There is free entry to the opening reception.

The exhibition is open to the public until 5 April 2021.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 13.00 – 16.00. Closed on Mondays.


National Gallery of the Faroe Islands

Gundadalsvegur 9
100 Tórshavn
Tórshavn (capital)


06 Nov