09 Nov - 05 Apr
Tórshavn (capital)
65 DKK
Art – Visual

The Sea


The exhibition spotlights the sea, featuring works of art depicting the numerous shores, approaches, open seas and fishing industry of the Faroe Islands.

The exhibition shows how the Faroe Islands have built a strong visual maritime culture that depicts the rapid development the country has undergone – through pictures, sculptures, ship models and stamps of the sailors in rowboats, smacks and trawlers. Life in and at sea has always been a key motive for the artists, and the global challenges of the oceans also serve as clues to the artists working on themes such as sustainability and protection of the seas.

The exhibition will more than just give the visitor a visual experience of the sea around the Faroe Islands translated into images – of the country’s many coasts, inlets, the large open sea and fishing as a profession. If art can encourage us to actively decide whether we can do more for a cleaner sea and bring the UN’s World Goal 14 “Life in the Sea” to life, we are well on our way.




National Gallery of the Faroe Islands

Gundadalsvegur 9
100 Tórshavn
Tórshavn (capital)


09 Nov - 05 Apr Every: Tue


65 DKK