30 May
150 DKK

Concert with Fródi


Concert with rock band Fródi in the Old School in Sørvágur.

Tickets are available on atgongumerki.fo, the prize is 150dkk/person

About Fródi

Fródi is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist from the Faroe Islands.His music is mostly appreciable because of Fródi’s distinctive vocals, catchy melodies and love for the sounds of the seventies.

In 2006, nineteen-year-old Fródi, being a drummer, formed the band, “Isadora and The Rebels”, with his sister, Guðrið Hansdóttir, and they played together for approximately a year before calling it quits. Juggling drumming and singing, Fródi thereafter formed the band, “Moby The Pink Pilot” which went on to win the Faroese music competition, “Sement”. “Moby The Pink Pilot” played several music festivals and recorded two singles but never made an album.

In 2009, Fródi released his debut album, “Creeping Storm”, which was warmly received and featured the popular radio hit, “Nobody Goes to Hell For Having Loved”.

Later, the same year, Fródi teamed up with “The Pink Slips”. In 2010,” Fródi and The Pink Slips”, released an EP, played most of the concert venues in Copenhagen and earned a reputation as a great live band. In 2012 the album, “The Mouse” was released.

After a three-year hiatus from playing concerts and releasing music, Fródi, in the Autumn and Winter of 2015, again a solo artist, released two singles, “Waltz Me Back In Time” and “Missing In Action”, both of which were released as video singles.

In the Summer of 2016 Fródi released an album titled “Ultramarine” and went on a music tour in Russia.

in May 2019 Fródi will release his first ever album in Faroese lyrics. The album will be titled Hola.


The Old School

Skúlabrekka 4
380 Sørvágur


30 May 20:00 - 21:30


pr. person 150 DKK