13 Feb
Tórshavn (capital)
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Concert: Yggdrasil


On Saturday 13 February at 4.00 pm, Yggdrasil will perform their new album ‘Porkerisvatn’ in a concert at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands. Admission to the concert is free.

Last year, the museum devised a project in which musicians composed new music inspired by works of art in the permanent exhibition. Kristian Blak and Yggdrasil composed music for ‘Porkerisvatn’ by William Heinesen. The result was not just a single number, but an entire album featuring eight compositions.

In William Heinesen’s short story ‘Guests from the Moon’ he describes the landscape around Lake Porkerisvatn as the spiky back of a giant lizard.

In the Babylonian creation myth, the god Marduk kills the dragon Tiamat and divides her body into two. One part becomes heaven; the other earth.

When Kristian Blak was composing the music he had William Heinesen’s description of the “huge spiky back” in mind, imagining that the landscape around Porkerisvatn was the remains of Tiamat. The final composition on the album describes the dragon herself, while the other numbers were inspired by different elements of the landscape.

Welcome to a concert, in which the music will whisk you away to the dragon’s back at Porkerisvatn. Remember, you can also see William Heinesen’s ‘Porkerisvatn’ in the museum’s permanent collection.


National Gallery of the Faroe Islands

Gundadalsvegur 9
100 Tórshavn
Tórshavn (capital)


13 Feb