Below is an outline programme for the famshop, the page will be updated with a more detailed programme as we get closer to the event.

Thursday 28 April

Early afternoon: Arrival with Atlantic Airways, shuttle to accommodation in Tórshavn
16.30 Bus starts picking up people at hotels for hotel inspection in Tórshavn
19.30 Get together at the art museum in Tórshavn
Refreshments are served
21.15 Transfer back to hotels

Friday 29 April

8.15 Transfer from hotels in Tórshavn to Løkshøll in Runavík
9.00 Presentation by Guðrið Højgaard, Director Visit Faroe Islands 
9.15 Freefloat meetings with Faroese tourism partners
Coffee and fruits will be available throughout the morning  
12.15 Lunch at the nearby Skótahúsið, which is a 10 min walk from the meeting venue
13.15 Walk back to the meeting venue
Coffee and cake break
14.30 Optional break out session for MICE buyers with presentations by Visit Faroe Islands' meetings team
16.00 End of meetings
Bus transfer back to hotels in Tórshavn
19.00 Transfer to Silo and evening dinner & dance
19.30 Visit Faroe Islands - dinner & dance 
00.00 Transfer back to hotels
01.00 Transfer back to hotels
02.00 Transfer back to hotels

Saturday 30 April
10.00 Excursions by choice

Sunday 1 May
Departure with Atlantic Airways