The Municipality of Tórshavn, Visit Faroe Islands and Visit Tórshavn believe that conferences, meetings and events are hugely important in the development of our city, country and society. And we want to help you make your event as impactful as possible – for the benefit of your delegates as well as for our citizens.

If you are hosting a conference or event with over 50 international delegates, it is possible to apply the Municipality of Tórshavn for funding of the reception. We also encourage all hosts to include the local community as much as possible; and provide extra funding for initiavies or lectures that invite the private citizens to take part of the event. Thereby we wish to help your event create a lasting impact on our local community.

You can find the criteria to apply for funding here: Reglugerð fyri Móttøku. The criteria are in Faroese, but feel free to contact us for any questions.

If you are hosting an event or conference in the Faroe Islands and wish to make a lasting impact, feel free to contact Annleyg Lamhauge ( from our Meetings Department for support or suggestions on how to do this.




Notably – and happily – the Faroe Islands currently have no over-tourism problems. However, we need to care for the fragile natural environment to maintain our green islands unspoiled, and so can you and your delegates.

Below are some example projects of what you and your delegates can do to help maintain the Faroe Islands unspoiled:


#1 Improve the Life of our Bird Nation

As you might know, the weather in the Faroe Islands can be rough at times during winter and autumn. During these months, it’s common practice for locals to hang balls made of sheep tallow and different types of seeds in the trees. We can help you organise a workshop with your delegates to make these tallow balls.

If you are hosting an event in the Faroe Islands during May or June, you can help protect our birds simply by going on a hike with your delegates and picking up sheep wool that you come across. We have a lot of sheep in the Faroe Islands who shed their wool before the summer. Unfortunately it’s not unusual to see birds getting caught in the sheep wool.


#2 Maintain Old Village Paths

To protect our nature and animals, it’s important that visitors use the paths, however, it’s not always easy to find them if you’re not familiar with the area. Therefore, Visit Faroe Islands has started a project to mark up all the old village paths in the Faroe Islands.. and there are many. You can also help make a difference by putting aside half a day of your event for maintaining the old village paths.


#3 Clean up Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean where the currents meet. Because of our location, we have many so-called rekapláss. Rekapláss are shores around the islands where rubbish from all over the world drifts ashore. Our oceans are filled with endless of rubbish, and the rekapláss are proof of this. You and your delegates can help us clean our shores and ocean.


Get in touch with us, if you are interested in helping us care for the Faroe Islands, and we will put you in contact with the relevant organisations.