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Restore Nature - Build Back Better

‘Lendisbati’ is a project founded by the National Museum in the Faroe Islands. 

With broad cooperation and on a strong professional foundation, Lendisbati aims to ensure, that nature areas that have degenerated will be regenerated and become resistant to climate change. Lendisbati aims to give flora and fauna a safe ecosystem that at the same time improves the quality of life of the Faroe Islanders. 


Lendisbati focuses on these 4 areas:


  1.   Wetlands are the largest CO2 storages in the Faroese nature. These storages have been damaged through ages. The aim is to restore these. Creeks will be dammed up and water reservoirs will be preserved. With this project, CO2 will be taken out of the air and stored in the wetlands. This will regenerate the natural ecosystem and  ensure future biodiversity.
  2. Restore desert areas to benefit the soil. Desert areas and mountain areas will be planted, so that the roots from the plants will bind and strengthen the soil. This will prevent erosion when storms occur. When plants of Faroese origin will be planted, biodiversity will be improved and the CO2 balance will be restored.
  3. Improve peatlands to better biodiversity. Peatlands will be planted with original Faroese plants, since a diverse nature stands stronger against climate change.
  4. Nature preservation areas. A part of the Lendisbati work is to cooperate with landowners on preservation areas in nature. This work will ensure biodiversity and also give people an opportunity to experience original nature. 

Lendisbati has started their work, but are still in the first stages. The passionate crew at the National Museum has received public fundings. As the projects develop, they will update the webpage and we will be able to see the improvements in the soil, and provide calculations on the CO2 levels absorbed. 


If you represent a group to the Faroe Islands, that would like to offset the CO2 emissions, the National Museum and the Lendisbati project will be thankful for all support. 


Contact [email protected] for more information.