The Faroe Islands is a boutique producer of high-quality Atlantic salmon exported throughout the world. Salmon from the Faroe Islands is especially popular amongst sushi chefs and is served at top sushi restaurants all over the world. Fresh salmon reaches restaurants in the US, for example, shortly after they are harvested.

There are 3 well-consolidated companies producing salmon in the Faroe Islands. These are Bakkafrost, Mowi and Hiddenfjord. When having a meeting in the Faroe Islands or visiting on a technical visit, it is possible to pay a visit to one of these salmon producers to hear more about their unique production methods and exceptional quality of their salmon. The plants are fully vertically integrated, so you will be able to experience the value chain and traceability from roe to export markets.

The Faroese people have lived off the ocean for centuries and have a deep respect for the ocean and the environment. The Faroese aquaculture industry today accounts for more than 40% of the total export value of the Faroe Islands, and is currently the world leading salmon producer measured relative to the population, with 1.5 tonnes per capita.

The Faroe Islands is perfectly located in the North Atlantic ocean for high-quality aquaculture production. The salmon requires these specific environmental conditions to thrive to its best and the pristine waters that surround the Faroe islands do actually that. The gulf stream is coming from the south meeting up with the cold currents from the North and they mingle around creating this amazing marine environment. A cool and steady all-year sea temperature definetely adds to the welfare of the high qualitiy production in unrivaled natural conditions. The Faroese fjords and sounds are perfect for the exceptional biological conditions and excellent circulation of sea water. Strong currents are vital in the production of high quality salmon and continuously renew the pristine seawater flowing through the ponds keeping the environment at its purest and best.

The Faroe Islands are committed to sustainability and sound stewardship of the environment and have developed many best practices regarding the aquaculture industry in recent years. You will be gaining insight into the Faroese aquaculture industry as a whole and learn about the benchmarking activities of Fiskaaling – the only aquaculture research station of the Faroe Islands.

In 2003, the Faroe Islands implemented the most stringent and comprehensive veterinarian legislation ensuring that the salmon is today completely free of antibiotics giving the best biological results.


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