1. Walk ‘n’ talk

Why not spice up a break with a “walk ‘n’ talk” including coffee to go, or freshly pressed juice? Let the delegates get some fresh air outside during or in between meetings in order to discuss and clarify some current issues or upcoming strategy in a different way. Due to the islands location in the middle of the North Atlantic, the air around the Faroe Islands is literally one of the freshest that your delegates will ever experience. Walks can be made directly from the hotel or meeting venue.

2. Mindwalking

Why not let your delegates do an unconventional “brainstorm” out in nature, only accompanied by a local hiking guide specialised in “mindfulness” … By giving them the task of not sharing words to each other while hiking for 1-2 hours, the delegates will really get the chance to dig deep within their own individual mind-set. Only the sound from their own footsteps along with the babble and chatter from the brook, birds and the sheep will complement your delegates’ thoughts.

3. 5K Run

Have some fun wih a 5k run out of the ordinary.  Even when staying in one of the hotels in Tórshavn, you will find excellent nature based free areas, where you will be able to get your 5K during your meeting in the Faroe Islands.

4. Take a “Booster Bike” ride

Boost your delegates’ minds by going for an eco-friendly sightseeing ride around Tórshavn on a booster bike (e-bike). These “zero-emissions vehicles” can help replace fossil fuel-powered mopeds and small motorcycles in urban areas. They have an integrated electric motor used for propulsion, and are therefore easy to get around with as you explore the highlights of the Faroese capital.

5. Paddle and Babble

Take the traditional “walk and talk” to a completely new level when paddling and babbling in kayaks along the unbelievable coastline of the Faroe Islands. Uninterrupted business – except for the soothing sounds from the waves, seals and the birds. You will be able to establish new relationships, create unique bonds and unleash a number of new business ideas.

6. Faroese chain dance

Be part of an almost meditative activity in Faroese culture, where delegates can experience a light trance in the silent humming of the up to 200 verses of the medieval singing, while dancing in a human chain, that can be up to several hundred people.

Or have a shorter and more festive edition of this activity during the dinner in the evening, where dance companies can perform in national gowns.

7. Adventurous grotto floating / Into the grottos

Let your delegates swim into the grottos under the island of Hestur and give them the amazing feeling of floating, as the light current naturally takes them through.

8. Use the untamed powers of nature

Learning how to use the powers of nature to get out of the ocean and up on a cliff is an uplifting energizer. Afterwards let your delegates jump into the ocean again from various heights in dry suits. Truly an awakening experience that takes people out of their comfort zone.

9. Unexplored playground at the end of the world

The quiet and picturesque village of Gjógv has more to offer than what meets the eye. For the more adventurous, the nature here is a true playground for frisky delegates. Play like crazy in the amazing natural gorge, where you will be zip lining down in the ocean, cliff jumping from one of the most northern points of the Faroe Islands and rappelling down the cliff sides.

10. Unveiling treasures in Tórshavn

Hunting treasures in downtown Tórshavn. A fun day down town competing for being on the winning team. The downtown area is perfect for such an activity. This can be a low-tech activity finding fysical clues, or a geocaching mobile treasure hunt.

11. Sun Salutation Summit

Meditative hike to the summit of Slættaratindur, the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands. Amazing views over the islands from the summit and flat nature permitting yoga or other activities. Meditative hike down again. It is also possible to land a helicopter on the summit, so one-way ride with the helicopter is also an option.

12. Boat race in traditional Faroese rowing boats

Go rowing in traditional Faroese rowing boats made purely from tree. The boats vary in size, taking six up to 10 delegates each. With a local rowing instructor, the delegates will learn the Faroese rowing technique from scratch, where after they will be able to compete against each other in groups, just as a Faroese boat race. This sociable tradition combined with the surroundings of the North Atlantic Ocean is a true Faroese experience.

13. Horseback riding

Let your delegates go horseback riding.  

14. Functional outdoor workouts

Give your delegates a break from the indoor meeting table. Get some sweat on and boost your muscles in the midst of Faroese nature as your workout venue. Disconnect all electronic devices and let your own body become a machine, powered with nature’s fresh air and pure water.

15. Swimming in the North Atlantic Ocean

Take a frisky open water swim in the North Atlantic Ocean, and feel more vigour. Yes, it is cold, but not as cold as “winter swimming” elsewhere around the world. Due to the Gold stream, the water temperatures around the Faroe Islands are very stable with their 5-8 degrees Celsius all year round, and thus never go below freezing temperature. Short-term exposure of the whole body to cold water contributes to better general well-being. It can help reduce the feeling of stress and fatigue; it helps better memory function, mood and makes you feel more energetic, active and brisk.

NB: We recommend swimmers swim with standard swimming costumes rather than with wetsuits or other thermal protection, but his is of course optional. Instructors are available.

16. Local art work shop

Let your delegates get a first-hand experience with local art craft in the Faroe Islands. Join a workshop assisted with a Faroese painter, glass- or pottery-maker. Here the delegates will experience some of the great works of these current local artists. At the same time, the delegates will get the opportunity to explore their own artistic side/personality, as the local artist will assist them in creating a little something of their own – perhaps they will find a hidden Faroese gem within themselves, who knows …

17. The success of sustainable aquaculture industry

Visit Bakkafrost, one of the leading salmon farmer industries of the North Atlantic Ocean, and taste the fresh salmon that now is being recognized around the world.

The Faroese people have lived off the ocean for centuries and have a deep respect for the ocean and the environment. The aquaculture industry in the Faroe Islands is committed to sustainability and sound stewardship of the environment.

By gaining insight into the Faroese aquaculture industry as a whole and learn about farmed salmon from the Faroe Islands, the delegates will understand why the Faroe Islands is the perfect location for premium salmon production: How its remote location is complemented by pristine clear waters, cool steady sea temperatures, strong currents and accessible fjords that cut deep inland.  Drawn to this perfect mix of conditions, wild Atlantic Salmon from all over northern Europe make their way north of the Faroe Islands to feed.

18. The Best Nature Shot

Why not capture the intriguing Faroese nature in a shared collection of shots taken by delegates, and then make a friendly competition based on the shots. Whether they will walk along the small hiking routes in an around the capital of Tórshavn, or explore the green valleys and rocky cliffs around the rest of the islands, their view – be it via the bare eye or through the camera lens – will focus on perspectives, which all are worthy of a prize.