1. Sing as a Faroese

As well as there are many sheep in the Faroe Islands, so are birds in abundance. If you cannot see them right away, you will hear them, especially when walking around in nature. Their singing is as various as their looks, and together their kinds could make up a whole symphony orchestra. Your delegates can also explore their inner bird singing and perform together as a choir. 

2. Viking conquer of the islet of Tindhólmur

Sail your delegates to the islet of Tindhólmur and retitle them with new Viking names. Dressing and behaving as Vikings for this whole day, by for instance playing Viking games, hunting sheep and cutting the wool, they will feel like they have conquered this islet. Finally, they enjoy an outdoor dining experience with a whole lamb on the barbecue.

3. Be enchanted by ancient hymns

Introduce your delegates to the traditional and enchanting Kingo hymns, either as a break from your meeting, or as an appetizer during a dinner

4. Unleash the spirit of the medieval sanctuary Kirkjubøur

Go for a 3-hour pilgrimage from Tórshavn to the small village Kirkjubøur, the spiritual heart of the Faroe Islands. Hiking in slow speed enjoying the landscape in peace and quiet, sensing the fresh air and wildlife. Arriving in Kirkjubø a tour of the St. Olav’s church and the ruins of the St. Magnus Cathedral is a must. 

5. Unforgettable grotto concert

Go with a boat into a grotto to experience a live concert. No concerts will be the same because of nature’s participation. There may be so quiet that you can hear the birds participating, while other times the heavy beating of the waves spin in.

6. Living room concerts

Experience famous Faroese singers perform unplugged in different Faroese homes, where visitors go from one home to another and sit in small private living rooms for a very intimate experience. This event can include locals as well, so the delegates will feel as part of the community. Home dining, sauna and outdoor hot tubs can be added as extra treats to really make your delegates relax.

7. The ultimate schooner experience

Sailing on the schooner Norðlýsið is an ultimate experience, where you will capture the essence of Faroese culture. Food can be prepared on the schooner with chefs telling you about Faroese food culture. The schooner is the no. 1 most popular incentive and meeting product. Can be combined with a grotto concert.

8. The UnManhattan

The island of Nólsoy is to Tórshavn what Manhattan is to New York. But, in Nólsoy you will find no skyline. No noise. No traffic jams. No pollution. No McDonalds. Yet, you might find some sex in the city and you will definitely find cocktails, charming people and good music. The sailing trip to the island is short, the walks are great, and the food from the resourceful and humble community is local and authentic. And the small bar called Maggie’s has charismatic owner and former top musician Terji Rasmussen welcoming you with famous Faroese singer/songwriters tunes.

9. Green Energy Booster

Did you know that the Faroe Islands have an award winning green energy strategy? A walk to the wind energy park just outside Tórshavn, a presentation from the National energy company, SEV can boost a broader vision and add a best practice method to any topic.

10. Bird perspective ride

What better way to see this spectacular archipelago than from the window of a helicopter with space for a total of 15 passengers. Outstanding landscapes mixed with the chill and thrill of the ride make the perfect cocktail for a great energizer to the team. The ride can stand alone, or be a part of other activities.