In the unbelievable scenery on the islet of Tindhólmur, you will be welcomed by a viking chief. His moods could change from day to day, but hopefully he will like you and you will receive your new viking name and viking clothes.

Breathtaking views and walks to the castle-like peaks will enchant you and the ethereal beauty of the islet will most certainly make a huge impact on your stay.


Teambuilding with ancient viking games
Hunt for food as the vikings
Open air barbecue
4-star Hotel Hafnia
Gala dinner

Day 1

After arriving at Vagar Airport you will go to the islet of Tindhólmur, where you will have an all day teambuilding event with a viking theme. At the end of the day, you will have an open air barbecue. Finally, transfer to your hotel, 4-star Hotel Hafnia, a charming, downtown hotel in the capital city, Tórshavn.

Day 2

From 9 am – 3 pm, meeting rooms at Hotel Hafnia are available to the group. Hotel Hafnia has meetovation trained staff, and they will be happy to assist in making this your best meeting experience. After meeting hours sightseeing and shopping are on the program, where you will be guided around this charming old town with its chic cafés, pubs and cool designer shops. Gala dinner at Hotel Hafnia’s top floor with a panoramic view of the city.

Day 3

On our way to the airport we will take a few stops on the way, such as one in Gásadalur, where we will stop at the scenic waterfall.


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