Offered by: NAX

Take the traditional walk&talk to a whole new level when paddling and babbling in kayaks along the unbelievable coastline of the Faroe Islands. Uninterrupted business, except for the soothing sounds from the waves, seals and the birds. You will be able to establish new relationships, create unique bonds and unleash a number of new business ideas.

Challenge the executive group to the paddle&babble tour when meeting in the Faroe Islands, perhaps focusing on next years strategy. Staying in the charming downtown Hotel Hafnia the kayaks are only a 5 minutes walk, and you are paddling in the clear and radiant ocean of the North Atlantic.


Paddle & Babble tour
Stay at 4 star Hotel Hafnia
Meeting facilities
Dining at Ræst
Transfer with sightseeing
Sightseeing & shopping

Day 1

Arrival in early afternoon at Vagar Airport and transfer with shuttle and guide with a few stops along the way, such as in Gásadalur, where we will stop at the scenic village and see the stunning waterfall falling 22 m into the ocean. We will check in to 4-star downtown hotel, Hotel Hafnia. In the evening we will dine at the lovely downtown restaurant Áarstova, serving Faroese traditional lamb as their signature course. The atmosphere is warm and cosy.

Day 2

All day meeting at Hotel Hafnia where trained personnel will guide you to the best meeting, including the incredible paddle&babble tour along the unbelievable coastline of Tórshavn, that will challenge your mind for new and refreshing ideas. Hotel Hafnia will serve their popular fish buffet for lunch. At restaurant RÆST your senses will be challenged since you will taste the raw, fermented and unique tastes of ancient Faroe Islands. 

Day 3

Early departure.


NAX’s efficient employees are educated to give the customers various teambuilding challenges and unique experiences within safe circumstances – both at sea and on land. Contact NAX for more information by e-mail or visit their website.