The Faroe Islands pride themselves on having excellent telecommunication networks, offering services at competitive prices.

The country code for the Faroe Islands is +298 plus the six-digit number. Calls from the Faroe Islands abroad can be made by dialing 00, then the national code and the telephone number. For further information, contact the telephone number information by dialing 118.

Two GSM service providers operate in the Faroe Islands: Føroya Tele (Faroese Telecom) and Nema. Together they cover most of the islands. They also have roaming agreements with other countries so that visitors can easily use their mobile phones while in the Faroe Islands. Føroya Tele and Hey sell pre-paid GSM phone cards and offer GSM / GPRS service. Prepaid telephone cards can be purchased in phone shops, kiosks, petrol stations, post offices, hotels, Regional Information Centres and at the information desk at Vágar Airport.

Nearly all the islands receive an excellent broadband connection, with 3G and 4G networks fully functioning across the whole country.

Internet terminals offering wireless broadband can be found in Regional Information Centres, public libraries, hotel lobbies, and some cafés.