• Veiw from Kalsoy, Kallurin during winther. Giant and the witch
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Adrift in the North Atlantic Ocean lies the 18-island archipelago covered in a gloomy stormy tide, where hills are dancing in raindrops & silky clouds. Now, this might be a Winter tale happening during early Spring, a sight that is not too uncommon on these shores. 

Firstly, 'Vælkomin'
You have arrived to the land where weather is the ruler of all plans. The four seasons can easily occur on the same day, thus being a place for the brave, hopeless dreamers and the mystery seekers. Winter in the Faroe Islands usually lasts from December until February; however, snow storms and rainy winds alike can occasionally make an impromptu visit in March, April & even May. Summer can show a stunning blend of fog and sun. 


Therefore due to the unpredictability of the weather, there are some precautions visitors must take before arriving. For you to make safe and mindful choices during your stay we have gathered some recommendations below.

  1. The weather can change in the blink of an eye, be sure to check the local weather should you wish to go to explore outside the capital to one of the smaller villages. 
  2. The main roads are typically cleared of snow, but make sure to check the driving conditions on Landsverk.  As there might be hours during the early morning and late evening when they have stopped clearing the road for snow and some villages are snowed in and thus not accessible by car.
  3. We do not recommend any of the more popular or even medium hikes during this time as conditions are very uncertain and not safe.
  4. It might be possible to go for a low hike or walk at a smaller distance. However, even if there is not much snow in the towns there will be snow in the mountains in the winter, so if you want to hike, you have to use a local guide.
  5. We might be 55,000 people, but these islands are a wildly popular home for sheep, 80,000, to be exact. Thus when on the road be vary of any hippie sheep roaming freely on the highway. Always respect nature, its wildlife, and its limits. 
  6. When going through a smaller village, you get to enjoy the calm and serene local life of the Faroese villagers, always be mindful and show respect as sometimes you do come close to their private homes. 
  7.  Respect your surroundings & be a kind guest. Leave no trash behind on your travels, and avoid going alone by car without knowing the weather forecast or conditions beforehand. 
  8. Always pack appropriate clothes for the changing weather, a rainproof jacket and warm woollen hat go a long way. See more inspiration on what to pack here
  9. Avoid going to the more remote spots during the winter period, stay in the main area of the towns and villages. If you wish to experience some of our wild spots be sure to do so with a local or seek advice at a regional information centre or a guide. 
  10. Engage in one of the many indoor activities during your stay such as; cultural events, concerts, art exhibitions, and fulfilling activities that bring a deeper understanding of Faroese culture. We promise there will be something sweet to eat and warm to drink.