All non-residents of the Faroe Islands are exempt from the 25% value-added tax, VAT, (minus a service charge), on purchases over DKK 300, subject to the conditions of regulations.

When shopping look, for the “Tax-Free” signs in shop windows, which are located in over 200 shops across the Faroe Islands.

When you are ready to reclaim the VAT you paid on goods purchased in the Faroe Islands, you can do this at the airport and on the Norrøna ferry. If travelling by cruise ship or sailboat, you can get your tax-free refund at Visit Norðoy at the town of Klaksvík. After a service charge, you can collect between 12% to 18% of the paid VAT.

Here is what you do:

1. At the register, upon purchasing your item, ask for a Tax Refund.

2. Prior to check-in upon departure, have your form validated by either customs at Vágar Airport or by customs located in the departure hall of M/F Norrøna (the cheques must be stamped by customs before boarding). The customs agent may ask to see your purchases before validating your Tax Refund Cheque.

3. Collect refund either by credit card or cash.

Note: it takes between 5-10 working days for the card to process and for you to receive the funds.

If you prefer a cash refund, go to the Information Desk at Vágar Airport or on board the M/F Norrøna ferry. (Please note that Visit Norðoy only does refunds by credit card.)”