Birdwatching in the Faroe Islands does not necessarily require a lot of equipment. In places like Mykines, you can get close to birds like puffins, gannets and kittiwakes and birdwatching can be done easily with the naked eye. However, most birds do not allow such close observations, and in order to get satisfactory views of most birds we recommend the use of binoculars. Seven to 10 times magnification is good and will allow you to enjoy the birds in a different way than without binoculars.

If you wish to do seawatching or watch birds at greater distances, a telescope is recommended. With a telescope, it is also possible to study breeding birds from a distance for longer periods without disturbing them.

There are no watch towers dedicated to birdwatching in the Faroe Islands. As such, birding is mostly done by walking around in nature or by finding natural hills from where an area can be overlooked.