The 18 islands of the Faroe Islands are surrounding by the North Atlantic ocean. No point in the Faroe Islands is further than five kilometres from the ocean. Sailing is a fantastic way to experience the beautiful landscapes of the islands, offering completely different views compared to the ones from land.

You can discover these views of the Faroe Islands by sea while sailing with ships, boats or even an old schooner. Some of these ships or schooners are old and have a great history, making the journey even more interesting.

Some offer scheduled trips while others offer tailored trips according to your wishes.

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Bumpimg across the ocean surrounding the Faroe Islands in a speedboat is an exhilarating experience. There are four companies that offer speedboating in the Faroe Islands. Check them out here.


Explore the fiords of the Faroe Islands with a traditional Faroese boat. Whether you enjoy fishing or just sailing along the seashore, this is a unique experience for a family or a group of friends.

The Faroese boat is the utmost creation of Faroese handicraft. The boatbuilding technique originated in the Viking culture, more than a thousand years ago.

The boats are suitable for 2-6 persons, and are fitted with a 6hp engine, have 4 oars and extensive safety equipment. You can also book guided fishing tours that include a meal using what you catch!

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