Looking for a summer destination with an average of 13-15°C (55-16F°) degrees. The Faroe Islands is a great spot for a coolcation during the soaring mainland heat. It's like nature's air conditioning with mild temperatures year-round, a dash of rain, billowing fog, voluminous waves and invigorating breezes. Picture yourself wandering through misty landscapes, a cool wind in your hair, and not a sweat bead in sight. You will most certainly feel the embrace of all four seasons in a day making it the refreshing trip you might need.

These craggy North Atlantic rocks stand poised to jolt even the most jaded globetrotter…a wind-whipped 18-island archipelago that's easier to reach than you'd imagine, yet begets the thrilling sense of having arrived at the ends of the earth.

Paul Jebara, The Observer

Get blown away in the Faroe Islands

The summer weather is like a good cocktail, mixed with lots of flavours and often unexpected surprises (both wonderful & some less great). Thus be like the Faroese and immerse yourself in whichever way the wind is blowing. Stop for 5 minutes by a sea view and feel the Atlantic basalt liven up your rosy cheeks. Get that authentic 80s hair blow-out while chasing windy waterfalls, grand hiking viewpoints or seascapes by boat. Afterwards, you will find pure joy by nestling into cosy restaurant corners to find some warm food-solice. Before heading out, just be sure to check weather forecasts and be prepared for sudden changes (i.e. fog).

There are an array of activities to get into for a coolcation get-away and additionally lots of non-activities (the Faroese are experts in indoor hominess). 


  1. Watch the sunset: With up to 19-20 hrs of sunlight during summer (sunset at around 11.30 PM) we recommend heading out to a nearby viewpoint (they are all over) for a night stroll to catch the golden view. As the sky brights up in pink and purple, the surrounding nature melodies become simply hypnotizing. 
  2. Ice Cream hunting: Rate our gas station ice cream treats while you're on the road! Available at almost every stop along the way, you'll discover a variety of flavours and tempting toppings to satisfy your cravings. 
  3. Ocean dip: Refresh your body and mind by diving into the mildly cool Atlantic for a revitalizing experience. Choose your entry by splashing into the sea via the shore or use a convenient ladder. It's a surefire way to reset and feel fantastic!
  4. Cool sun run: A most strange and remarkable thing about the small islands is that no matter the weather you are bound to find the sun somewhere on the islands! If it is foggy in Tórshavn you can be almost certain to find the sun in the West.

Outdoor activities



Indoor Heim'ness 

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