NB! This guide is directly aimed at helping those affected by the ongoing strike and trying to get the most out of their stay in the Faroe Islands.

Hi there! We are glad you made it, although we are saddened by the circumstances of the strike affecting some sectors. We understand that this trip may have been a long time in the making and now you are here and it is not what you imagined. Despite the ongoing strike, there are still ways to enjoy the Faroe Islands! Keep reading to discover how you can make the most of your time here, such as enjoying scenic walks, and bike rides, and uncovering hidden gems just around the corner. 

While our hearts go out to you for this disruption in your travel plans, we value living in a society where union workers have a right to strike. 

How to enjoy the Faroe Islands during a strike: 

  1.  Find your path with our many village trails, choose the ones in the area you are staying as all are tailored to suit various needs in terms of location, duration, difficulty and distance. It is a great way to find a perhaps lesser-known but just as spectacular trail. 
  2. Go on a nature walk around the capital area, Tórshavn, head up to the lovely surroundings of Svartafoss or take a nice walk on Rossagøtan, walk by the old area called Hoydalar, Boðanes or Sandá.
  3. Visit the nearby island of Nólsoy, merely a 15-minute ferry ride from the capital.  
  4. On your way to Suðuroy for a day or two? Then you are in luck, Suðuroy offers a vast selection of activities, i.e. scenic hiking trails, guided tours, cultural treasures, kayaking or fishing excursions. 
  5. Explore nearby areas by bike, with the guides at Rentabike. Biking across the islands is ideal with our top-notch infrastructure; you get a 360-degree view of all the stunning views. Nearby areas to Velbastað with spectacular viewpoints of Koltur Island and Syðradal, bike to Kirkjubøur, Kaldbak or up to the Oyggjarvegur road for more breathtaking views from above.
  6. Are you located in Vágar, there are also some great options to explore trails, and villages and dine with locals (those marked in “Miðvágur”).
  7. Art & history in the capital, Tórshavn. Pop into museums, and art galleries, bring a local souvenir home - grab a book or buy knit at designer shops, and listen to Fraoese tunes at our only vinyl store. Discover the local culture in the ‘old town’ where our parliament sits in the historic Tinganes district and feel the heartbeat of Faroese history. 
  8. Dine in a local ‘Heim’ (home): Embrace the warmth of Faroese hospitality with 'Heimablídni', located around the islands. Depending on their food supply, of course, you can enjoy a traditional dish while getting a more intimate experience with some Faroese storytelling.
  9. Watch the sunset: With up to 20 hrs of sunlight in June (sunset at around 11.30 PM) we recommend heading out to your nearby area for a night stroll to catch the golden view. 
  10. Take an Atlantic dip in the ocean around the Faroe Islands, it is like you're personal recharge button, as the water is not too hot nor cool but just right. With dipping points in almost every village, you are bound to find one. 
  11. Join a Knitting Club. Take up knitting lessons with some wonderful local knitters. Knitting clubs are a big part of our culture, it is customary to be in at least 2 knitting clubs when living in the Faroe Islands. 
  12. Check out the locations and schedule of this year's Summer Concerts: Summartónar. Across the 18 islands, concerts come alive in unique settings—be it at sea, in a grotto, atop a mountainside, or nestled in a cozy venue or cabin. While some of these summer concerts are free of charge, others may request a nominal fee.
  13. Visit a local church. With 62 churches scattered around 16 out of the 18 islands, each church holds its distinct design and interior related to a historic value. See our online booklet on opening hours & visiting customs and step into the divine to discover the fascinating layers each has to offer. 
  14. Go swimming in one of the various pools around the islands, some also have jacuzzi and Spa options (Tórshavn and Klaksvik).
  15. Check your local tourist information to hear more about the many daily tours they offer, i.e. bus tours, guided hiking tours, kayaking, fishing, and boat trips.
  16. Considering the current situation, we hope you can manage to stay in the moment and enjoy your trip - taking it day by day, finding a plan B, C or D. 

To read more, visit the below site for continuous updates on the strike: