Because of a global pandemic it was decided that Closed for Maintenance 2021 would be aimed for local participants only. The campaign was scaled down and became an opportunity for Faroese to travel and volunteer close to home. 60 volunteers where working in these 6 locations: 


  • 1 - Mykines
  • 2 - Vágur
  • 3 - Kambsdalur
  • 4 - Vestmanna
  • 5 - Kirkjubøur
  • 6 - Nólsoy 

Work continued on the paths in Nólsoy and Kirkjubøur. Cairn preservation and new signage was installed in Kambsdalur, Vestmanna and Mykines. In Vágur maintenance work focused on the town park that also functions as a gateway to an extensive path network.