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Hvalvík - Leynavatn - Hvalvík

  • Villagepath-between-Hvalvík-Leynavatn-Goturshálsur-Hvalvík-roundtrip-mountains-lakes-hiking
    The first cairn above Hvalvík village. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • Villagepath-between-Hvalvík-Leynavatn-Goturshálsur-Hvalvík-roundtrip-mountains-lakes-hiking
    View from Húsadalsskarð down over the large valley, which leads down to the lake Leynavatn. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • img-20190623-123922-jpg
    The three kilometer long walk down the Dalá River is very beautiful, calm and cozy. Photo Óli Gardshodn
  • Villagepath-between-Hvalvík-Leynavatn-Goturshálsur-Hvalvík-roundtrip-mountains-lakes-hiking
    Here we see the river Ærgisá running down from the pass Goturshálsur. The village path goes up along the other bank of the river. The waterfall Ærgisfossur, seen at the top of the picture, is very beautiful and a bit special to walk along. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • 2020-07-08-leynavatn-vestmanna-110-img-0085-jpg
    View up from Ærgisfossi waterfall down on the Dalá river and the area "Við Gjónna", where the Michelin restaurant Koks is located just below the large gorge. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • 2019-08-01-hvalvik-kvivik-116-img-0034-jpg
    View from up on Hóvabrekka down to the valley Heygadalur, where we can see one of the 5 water dams in the area. In the background the village Vestmanna. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • 2019-08-01-hvalv-k---kv-v-k-111-img-0023-jpg
    Udsigt ved Dýnugil, ved vanddæmningen på Mýrarnar, over mod Goturshálsur, der ligger lige foran det lille fjeld i midten på billedet, Gásafelli. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • Villagepath-between-Hvalvík-Leynavatn-Goturshálsur-Hvalvík-roundtrip-mountains-lakes-hiking
    View up from the gorge Hvalvíksgjógv at 280m height, where the river Myllá runs along. This is a very beautiful place where you enjoy the good view down over the villages Hvalvík and Streymnes and over to Eysturoy on the other side of the fjord. The village path runs along this river all the way down to the village Hvalvík. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • Villagepath-between-Hvalvík-Leynavatn-Goturshálsur-Hvalvík-roundtrip-mountains-lakes-hiking
    The village gate on the village path in Hvalvík. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
hike poster

A beautiful and challenging route which begins and ends in Hvalvík. On this hike you will see breath-taking mountains, lakes and valleys

From Hvalvík, follow the new path that starts by the Mission House in Hvalvík. Walk out through the village gate and up along the little house (hay barn). Continue up along the river Myllá until you surpass the upper stone wall. Then turn slightly left in a straight south direction and go diagonally uphill to the first cairn at an altitude of 145 metres.


Continue towards Leynavatn 

The path from Hvalvík towards Leynavatn is a wonderful and tranquil path. The long walk in the peaceful environment, where only a few birds break the silence, is balm to the soul. The hike up through the gorge to the pass Húsadalsskarð is challenging and a bit of an adventure. Having ascended the steep hill and reaching the pass, you enter a magnificent wide valley through which the path meanders down along the east side of the river, and later down along the west riverbank. Along the path just above Djúpagil, you will see some lovely columnar basalt in the river.


Continue up to Goturshálsur

As we approach the cultivated area over the large lake Leynavatn, we pass a large sheepfold located by the river Ærgisá. On the other side of the river Dalá in the cozy surroundings just below the great gorge, you will see the two-star Michelin restaurant Koks. Here we turn upwards along the river Ærgisá, which we cross again to go up the northern riverbank towards Vestmanna. 


With a lovely view of the valley, continue the path up along the river and later along the cairns, which stand at close intervals, until you reach the wide pass at Goturshálsur. Here you will pass the route that goes from Kvívík to Hvalvík. Be careful to keep track on which route is which. Turn north and follow the cairns along the path to Hvalvík. While walking along the east side of the large dam keep right and follow the cairns down the pass at Hvalvíksskarð. 


This dam at Mýrarnar was one of the first dams built by SEV in the early 1960s. There is also a small private windmill park. 


There is a curious tale from the mountain Loysingafjall on the west side of the dam. The story is about a girl from Vestmanna who disappeared from the town and could not be found. The next day, a shepherd found her high up on Loysingafjall. She said that a man in white clothes had led her by the hand and fed her. No one knew this man. 


As you continue down Hvalvíksskarð, you enter a cairn that is stacked on a large stone called Kellingarsteinur. But just before that, the village path from Vestmanna joins the route down to Hvalvík. Be careful to keep track of which route is which. Continue along the same side of the mountain slope along Kellingarsteinur and afterwards down along Hvalvíksgjógv and finally down the north side of Myllá, down along the small house and in through the village gate which leads down to the same place where you started.

Hvalvík - Leynavatn - Hvalvík

Hvalvík - Leynavatn - Hvalvík

  • hvalvik-byrjan-000a-jpg
    See green line for parking and blue line for starting point
  • hvalvik-byrjan-001-jpg
    See green line for parking and blue line for starting point
  • hvalvik-byrjan-001-8w6a0590-jpg
    Follow the blue line through the Iron gate in Hvalvík
  • hvalvik-byrjan-002-8w6a0576-jpg
    Turn left at the signpost just below the hayloft
  • hvalvik-byrjan-003-8w6a0577-jpg
    Go south along the fence, across the river Myllá
  • hvalvik-byrjan-004-8w6a0578-jpg
    Go south along the fence, across the river Myllá
  • hvalvik-leynar-byrjan-005-8w6a0586-jpg
    Turn up just before the wooden gate. Follow the fence and later the stone fence. Above the stone wall, turn slightly south towards the river Mataráin. Follow the river Mataráin further up. In 150m. altitude you will reach the first cairn.

Hvalvík - Leynavatn - Hvalvík

Hvalvík - Leynavatn - Hvalvík


path icon
6h 0m


path icon
12 km


hilltop peak icon
529 m


family icon
990 m


family icon Not suitable for children
difficulty icon Difficult - The long distance and 990 altitude meters makes this route rather demanding
terrain icon Grass-covered but some loose surface through the gorge (Gjótan) up to the pass Húsadalsskarð. The ascent up to the plateau is fairly steep. In places, it is quite wet, especially when crossing the pass Goturshálsur
3 m/s
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