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Rituvík - Toftir

  • South of Lake Toftavatn, the fourth largest lake in the Faroe Islands, on the village path between Rituvík and Toftir. Picture: Óli Gardshodn
  • Suddenly there was a large flock of sheep - I think they saw an opportunity to get something to eat on this cold winter day. Picture: Óli Gardshodn
  • We can just state that the lake Toftavatn is very beautiful, especially with the fjord Skálafjørður in the background. Picture: Óli Gardshodn
  • The pass Neytakonuskarð. In the distant background, Árnadalstindur (718 m.). Picture: Óli Gardshodn
  • From the pass Neytakonuskarð across the hill and down to the village Toftir. Picture: Óli Gardshodn
  • View east of the lake Kornvatn south towards the mountain Vørðan (169 m.). To the right the village of Nes. Picture: Óli Gardshodn
  • On the way down to the village gate in the village Toftir. On the other side of the fjord is the island Streymoy with the fjords Kaldbaksfjørður to the left and Kollafjørður to the right. Farthest to the right is the headland Raktangi and the village Strendur Picture: Óli Gardshodn
hike poster

An easy hike, where you will get the chance to appreciate heather and the lovely views of Toftavatn, north through Skálafjørð and south through Nólsoyarfjørð.

The attraction of this route is that it is a short and beautiful hike, potentially suitable for a family hike. You can start at the south end of Toftavatn and make your way to Toftir. This route is also suitable as an addition to the 9.5km round hike Runavík—Rituvík—Toftir—Runavík. 

The starting point is by the sheep house, which is on the cultivating road on the south end of Toftavatn. Just below the sheep house, you will walk the 150-meters down to the sheepfold. To the left of the sheepfold are poles to use as steps to get over the fence. From there, you will walk straight southwest, following along the cairns to Neytakonuskarð.


If the weather is clear, the view north over Toftavatn and further north through Skálafjørð will be breath-taking—especially when still as the waters mirror a display of the rich birdlife. 


Above the furthest south point of the cove in Toftavatn is Sandurin Lítli. According to folklore, this is where the Nix latched on to a coal-black dog with a shiny gold-like tail, with the hopes of dragging Toftir's villagers to the bottom of Toftavatn. As the villagers tried to help each other, they would touch the Nix's tail, which meant there was nothing they could do—they were stuck! On this day, the tenant farmer was out fishing; however, he felt things were not as they should. Therefore, he asked to be sent home with Kráagil under Rituvíksháls (Ytrihálsur); when he arrived at Toftavatn and saw the predicament and understood the Nix caused this. In response, he runs with all his might over to Sandurin Lítli, where the Nix is about to leave, dragging the villagers with him. Quickly the farmer rips a lump of loose soil and waves a cross over it before throwing it at the Nix and hitting its tail. Once this piece of dirt touched the Nix, the villagers were released, and the Nix disappeared into the water.


Once you arrive up Neytakonuskarð, the path splits into two. One route, head south of Kornvatn to Nes, whilst the other leads you north of Kornvatn to Toftir. You will take the route to your right, walking eastwards between Kornvatn and Hamravatn and continuing down on Gaddavegin in Toftir. You will walk through the iron gate, which leads you down between Gaddaveg 44 and 46, and even though a path is missing from the iron gate to the road, this area is decent for walking.   

Rituvík - Toftir
Toftir - Rituvík

Rituvík - Toftir

Bus connection: 

442 Glyvrar - Æðuvík – Rituvík:

There is parking for a few cars on the road called Á Sandi Mikla. Do not park your vehicle so that it blocks access to the sheep house. From here, you will walk towards the sheepfold and use the poles to climb over the gate—refer to the blue line. 

Toftir - Rituvík

Bus connectioin:

440 Skálafjarðarleiðin:

444 Kambsdalur - Skálafjørður/Toftir:

450 Tórshavn - Eysturoy (Tunnilsleiðin):


On Gaddaveg, you can park by the road crossing so that you do not disturb those who live there<

Rituvík - Toftir
Toftir - Rituvík

Rituvík - Toftir

Toftir - Rituvík


path icon
0h 40m


path icon
2 km


hilltop peak icon
111 m


family icon
104 m


family icon Yes.
difficulty icon Medium -
terrain icon Grassy and decent terrain all the way. A significant amount of heather is scattered most of the way.
2 m/s
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