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Toftir - Runavík

  • At the lower cairn above the village gate at Skolen við Løkin. Picture: Óli Gardshodn
  • Up by the football stadium on Svangaskarð, above the village Toftir, where the village path begins, there is a very good view down over Lake Toftavatn - the fourth largest lake in the Faroe Islands. Picture: Óli Gardshodn
  • The path that connects the new residence up by "Á Regni" to the football stadium at Svangaskarð. Picture: Óli Gardshodn
  • The surroundings around Lake Toftavatn are very beautiful. It is especially beautiful in the afternoon on a good summer day in August, when the crowberry is in the best bloom. Picture: Óli Gardshodn
  • The path across the lake Toftavatn. Picture: Óli Gardshodn
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An easy and beautiful walk through the densest heather fields in the Faroe Islands.

This path is perfect for a short and comfortable walk through the densest heather fields in the Faroe Islands, Húshagin, between Svangaskarð and Runavík. This route is also excellent as the end of the 9.5km round trip through Runavík – Rituvík – Toftir – Runavík (this route is available on the website).


The start of the route takes place in Svangaskarð, where there is decent parking. You will walk through the stone gate by the sheepfold, and from there in a straight line through Húshagan, downward to the stone gate, down at Skúlin við Løkin.


It is easy, peaceful and very beautiful to walk down this path, which makes its way through the dense red and green heather, to the extent that the cairns are almost lost within the heather. This area is gorgeous in September when the blue-red heather berries are in full bloom, blanketed by a damp mist.


The fact that the path is not visible for significant parts of the route suggests that this route is not used much. There are some fascinating streams and brooks on the way, by Skrivarakelda, Kollingsklett and also closer to the stone gate in Runavík.


During the walk, there is an excellent view over Toftavatn, known for its rich bird wildlife.


You then walk through the stone gate just opposite Skúlan við Løkin. From there, the route goes through another gate all the way out by Rókavegin, which leads you into the parking area in front of the school. 

Toftir - Runavík
Runavík - Toftir

Toftir - Runavík

440 Skálafjarðarleiðin:

444 Kambsdalur - Skálafjørður/Toftir:

450 Tórshavn - Eysturoy (Tunnilsleiðin):


Parking, Toftir, Svangaskarð:

Decent parking in the sheepfold east of the football field in Svangaskarð—cite green lines. Follow blue arrows to the p

Toftir - Runavík
Runavík - Toftir

Toftir - Runavík

Runavík - Toftir


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0h 30m


path icon
1 km


hilltop peak icon
87 m


family icon
86 m


family icon Yes. 6+
difficulty icon Medium -
terrain icon Grassy terrain with lots of heathers.
2 m/s
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