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Airport Information Center

Airport Information Center

The Airport Information Center at the FAE Vágar airport is open in connection with all regular flights.

The information is open 1½hours before departures and 45min after arrivals.

You see the flight information on

You can also follow the flight traffic on



At the airport information they also manage the Tax Free refund for Planet Payment (former Premier Tax Free)

The most important thing, if you want a refund by Premier Tax Free, is to get the customs approval. To do this, you need to present your fully completed Tax Free form, together with your travel documents and purchased goods, to Customs at the airport. It is important that you do this prior to check-in.

If you want your refund on your bank account, it is very important that you fill in your card number on the Premier Tax Free form. This is the sixteen digit number written across the front of your credit-card.

Furthermore, it is important that the original receipt for the purchase is attached to the Tax Free form. If you want a copy of the receipt you can get that at the airport information, but in order to get the refund it is necessary that the original receipt is attached to the form.

The refund is 12% of the purchase amount if the purchase is between 300-1000dkk. If the purchase amount is higher, the refund gradually increases.

For further information on Premier Tax Free please follow these links:

Track your refund

Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions, please contact the Planet Payment at: contact planet payment


For a variety of international providers, the Faroe Islands is not included in the roaming arrangement. If you phone is not locked by your tele company, the best option is to buy a local SIM-card.

You can buy the local SIM cards at the information desk at the Airport, and in teleshops, kiosks, petrol stations, post offices, hotels and regional tourist centres across the country.

There are only two tele-providers in the Faroe Islands and the prices are about the same from both.


Unfortunately, there is no luggage storage at the airport of the Faroe Islands. There is a storage at the bus terminal in Tórshavn. If you have empty boxes that you need to store (bicycle boxes for example) you can contact the administration of the airport: [email protected]


You can buy Stamps at the information desk. There is a postbox at the end of the terminal building.


You can buy in the petrol station in Miðvágur. If you want digital GPX maps of the routes in the hiking guide for iPhone or Android, you are welcome to write Visit Vágar on: [email protected]


You can store private car keys at the information desk. The price is 50kr/key.


There is no exchange office at the airport. There is an ATM if you need to withdraw money. If you need to exchange currency you can do this in the banks. There are two banks at the main road in Miðvágur. The bank “betri” is located on Jatnavegur 16, Miðvágur. The opening hours are Monday-Friday 9.30-16:00. Banks are closed during the weekend and all public holidays.


Parking is possible at the airport. If you have questions in this regard please contact: [email protected] or +298354400.

More information about parking is available here (in Faroese):


Flogvøllurin 2



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