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Boat tours in Funningsfjørður

Guided boat tours, Fishing trips and Family tours

Guided boat tours, Fishing trips and Family tours

These are boat tours optimal for small groups and families who enjoy active travel. You sail in a traditional Faroese boat, the utmost of Faroese handicraft. There can be up to 5 guests on-board.

Surrounded by towering mountains and idyllic villages the Funningsfjørður is one of the most beautiful fiords of the Faroe Islands.

There are several variatons of boat tours to choose from:

The “Guided boat tours” are multifaceted experiences. Sailing by magnificent landscapes, you hear local stories and learn about the marine life. Casting a fishing line you get the opportunity to make your own discoveries.

The “Fishing trips” focus on the sea-angling. You fish in beautiful surroundings. Some of the fish you may encounter are Atlantic cod, haddock, whiting, redfish and saithe.

The “Family Tours” are designed to engage. The children may be active in handling the boat and catching fish. On the tour we are mindful to the living beings that we see.

For guests who would love to combine a fishing trip with local home-dining, the “Fish, Visit & Dine” is a unique opportunity. This is a full day experience in the village of Elduvík.


When you meet us at the Funningsfjørður marina, we bring floatation suits, boots, and fishing gear, so all you need to bring is a camera! Any fish that you catch on your tour is yours to keep!

For more information on our tours and for online booking please visit the website See our schedule for tours in several secluded fiords in the Faroe Islands.


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