About arrange authentic boat tours for small groups and families, who enjoy active travel. There are up to 5 guests on each tour. You reach magnificent fiords and villages outside the most traveled areas. Sailing in a traditional Faroese boat is a unique experience. You come close to the sea, the landscapes along the seashore, the seabirds and the marinelife. The “Guided tours” aim at storytelling and sightseeing. Stories from a people, bound to the sea, come to life. Sailing along wondrous seashores you learn about the marine environment and get a unique chance to cast a fishing line. The “Fishing trips” focus on the sea-angling. You fish in beautiful surroundings. Some of the fish you may catch are Atlantic cod, haddock, whiting and saithe. The “Family Tours” are designed to engage. The children may be active in steering the boat, controlling the outboard engine and catching fish. On the tour we are mindful to living things we see.


15 Rygsgøta



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