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Christian’s church of Klaksvík

  • Christian’s church of Klaksvík
  • Christian’s church of Klaksvík
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One of the first major modern churches in Scandinavia that is inspired by the old Nordic style

In the heart of Klaksvík stands the grand Christianskirkjan, made of Faroese stones, timber and slates. It is the largest church in the Faroe Islands (1000 seats) and the first major church in a Nordic country designed in an ancient Norse style – a truly unique church, inside and out. As you walk up the aisle, you feast your eyes on the magnificent fresco painting The Great Banquet by Joakim Skovgaard. Under the ceiling, suspended from the roof beans, is a historic eight-person boat. This must be the only church in the world where a full-sized vessel hangs. Be sure to pay attention to the baptismal font, which originally is believed to have been a 4,000-year-old pagan bowl.

The architectural style of Christianskirkjan is inspired by the ancient Viking halls and the old Faroese ‘roykstova’ (the main living room of a house containing a fireplace). This construction is supposedly very well suited for churches. The acoustics of Christianskirkjan are excellent. The church is named after King Christian X of Denmark (1870-1947) and was also built to commemorate the Faroese fishermen who lost their lives at sea during the Second World War.

Christianskirkjan also houses two older altarpieces. The older of the two is painted in 1827 and illustrates the Crucifixion. The younger one is by the Danish artist Peter Raadsig (1806-1882) and pictures Emmaus; it was given to the church for safekeeping in 1867 – the same year that the church that stood here before Christianskirkjan was consecrated.
In the church basement, you will find a work of art by Faroese artist, Edward Fuglø. It consists of ten unique, round, carved wooden plates, each depicting a story from the life of Jesus.

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The Church is open for visitors from 15 May to 15 September.


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