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Drangarnir - the sea stacks

  • Drangarnir

One of the most unique sights in the Faroe Islands are “Drangarnir”

One of the most unique sights in the Faroe Islands are “Drangarnir”. Drangarnir are two sea stacks between Vágar and the islet Tindhólmur. The distinct names of Drangarnir are Stóri Drangur and Lítli Drangur which can be translated into Large- and Small sea stack.

According to Faroese legislation walking on the in- and outfields require the landowners’ permission. You are only allowed to walk in this area with a guide. Hiking here without a guide can be fined.

A care for the nature and the sheep and wildlife that lives on the uncultivated area is essential. These areas are first and foremost the feeding and breeding fields for sheep, other animals and wildlife in general. It is therefore very important that traveling on this area is on the paths and organized to minimize the disturbing of sheep, wildlife and nature as much as possible.

Guided hiking tours can be arranged:
Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00

From 1st of April until 1st of October.

The duration is approximately 5 hours

This is a medium hard hike.

To book a guided hiking tour please visit

You can also experience the amazing Drangarnir sea-stacks by boat.
Tours available on various sites:,,,,


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