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Eystur Town Hall

The Eystur Town Hall in Norðragøta which houses the municipal administration, is designed by the local architect Ósbjørn Jacobsen, who works for the Danish arcitect Henning Larsen.

Eystur Town Hall literally bridges two municipalities, symbolically joining the two villages under a sloped and mossy roof that doubles as a path.

“A central theme in traditional Faroese architecture is the blurred line between nature and building,” explains Ósbjørn Jacobsen.

“The town hall design was driven by the notion of this blurred line, and as such a take on modern architecture in the Faroe Islands.”

A special detail in the house, is the glass floor in the council hall, from where you can see the river that is running under the building.

Tourists can get guided tours these days:

From 15. may to 15. september:

Thursdays: 4 PM (16:00)

Saturdays: 1 PM (13:00)

From 16. september to 14. may

Saturdays: 1 PM (13:00)

Admission: 40 DKK (5 EUR)


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