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Faroe Incoming

A Faroese travel agency that arranges trips to the Faroe Islands, as well as excursions, activities and other experiences in the Faroe Islands

Faroe Incoming is a professional services company with local knowledge, expertise and resources in the Faroe Islands, working in the design and implementation of FIT, group tours, activities and program logistics with more.

They are a whole selling company and through their partners, they provide a special, unique top-class experience in the Faroe Islands – everytime!

Regardless of the size of your group, they will organise a beautifully orchestrated program, satisfying the clients' need – finely in tune with the participants and the clients' requests.

Their activities are comprehensive and include a combined solution of numerous possibilites.

They make sure they always deliver a top-class experience by providing:

  • The best hotels

  • Top rated food experiences

  • Adventure activities

  • Flights

  • Sightseeing to top attractions

  • Groups of any size

  • Professional, tailor-made offers

Contact Faroe Incoming for more information.


Sleipnisgøta 17