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Faroese sheep farm in Selatrað

  • It's an amazing experience to be a part of feeding the sheep
  • We serve a good, sustainable farm meal
  • Lambing season starts in April-May

Welcome to our Faroese sheep farm- experience in Selatrað - a 20-minute drive from Tórshavn!

Welcome to Our Sheep Farm Experience in Selatrað

Discover the authentic Faroese way of life just a 30-minute drive from Tórshavn!
For centuries, sheep have been essential to our survival on these remote islands, providing food, clothing and a special way of life. Our farm invites you to explore this deep-rooted tradition through guided tours and culinary experiences.

We offer a unique opportunity to learn about traditional Faroese sheep farming. Our tours include sharing local stories, showcasing our stunning natural surroundings, and tasting our homemade, traditional Faroese cuisine. All the meat served comes from our sheep, ensuring you experience the full flavour of our heritage.

Tour 1: Home Hospitality
Enjoy a unique dining experience in our farmhouse, where the past and present converge on your plate. Savour rich flavours and stories that capture the essence of the Faroe Islands. Witness a feeding event of the rams right outside the farmhouse.

Tour 2: Guided Walk and "Drekkamunn" Delight
Explore the charming village of Selatrað with a short walk from the farmhouse. Discover fascinating stories and antiquities that played vital roles in our history. Return to the farmhouse for a “drekkamunn” (a cup of coffee/tea/soda) accompanied by delicious homemade cake. Conclude your visit with a feeding event for the Rams.

Tour 3: Work & Eat
Experience a typical workday for a Faroese sheep farmer. Engage in tasks that bring you close to nature, animals, and Faroese food culture, making your visit special and memorable.

For further information and bookings, please visit our website at


837 Selatraðarvegur, Selatrað 497, Faroe Islands



  • Historic landmark
  • Lunch
  • Booking available
  • Family friendly
  • Groups