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  • B&B, Hanusarstova in Elduvik, Faroe Islands

We invite you to experience unique B&B-style home and farm tours on the beautiful village of Æðuvík

Welcome to Hanusarstova!
We are Harriet and John, a.k .a. Mrs. & Mr. Hanusarstova.

Hanusarstova isn’t just the place where we work, it is also our home. This is where our dreams come true, the place we’ve worked hard to create, stories are told, meals are shared, good conversations take place, and the place closest to our heart. Little did we know back in 2013, when we decided to buy an old abandoned house in the tiny village of Æðuvík, how much this house would mean to us now 6, years later - but one thing is sure: it’s the best decision we’ve ever made.

Every Tuesday, we offer farm tours at @hanusarstova. During these tours, you’ll meet the animals, feed them some treats, hear our story, and see our farm, all with me, Harriet, the farmer, as your personal guide. After the tour, I’ll invite you to our home for a “Drekkamun” aka coffee/tea and some cake.

There is a limited number of spots available each time, and they are ready to book directly now on our website


1 Æðuvíkarvegur, Æðuvík 645, Færøerne



  • Snacks
  • Desserts
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Family friendly
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