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Heima á Fitjum

Welcome to Heima á Fitjum - our humble home by the ocean

We are the family behind Heima á Fitjum, where we have our daily life, and we now invite you to enjoy an authentic experience in our home. We believe that sharing a glimpse of our daily lives provides a unique perspective and an opportunity for you to unwind with locals and create meaningful memories.
With the ocean at our doorstep, Faroese like to consider ourselves as the children of the sea, and in this household, we take it quite literally. The ocean isn't just a view; it's our way of life. We've been enchanted by the ever-changing seascape and the diverse 'guests' that grace our shores.
Living here feels like an endless adventure. It seemed a shame not to open our doors and let others experience this magic, and we're excited to share it with you.
We have started a club—a Breakfast Club—and you are invited! It's a delightful morning ritual that begins with a refreshing dip in the ocean, followed by a locally inspired breakfast. Of course, you're welcome to skip the dip, but we highly recommend embracing this invigorating tradition.
If you're not an early bird, fear not! You can still make it for our Coffee Break and savour a warm cup of delight while exploring the wonderful Vestmanna.
And for those evenings when time permits, we occasionally extend an invitation for a Dinner Date. Feel free to inquire, as you're always welcome at our table.
Are you eager to learn more? Contact us at or visit our social media. Let us be your home away from home.


32A Niðari Vegur, Vestmanna 350, Faroe Islands



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