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  • Neysting

This is BátaBólið, a reinterpretation of the traditional Faroese fishing boat. In this alternative version, the ancient boat still occupies its original home, but it has now been transformed into a

The ‘BátaBólið’ experience awaits you

Is it a floating tent? Sort of, but not really. Is it like a hotel? Definitely not and don’t expect room service and throw away towels. Listen, we have had a hard time describing this innovative product we have developed and have named ‘BátaBólið’. Faroese for ‘boatbed’, ‘BátaBólið’ is carefully crafted from Faroese natural resources, locally produced and inspired by Faroese cultural heritage - especially in regards to boats.

The shape of BátaBólið is created with the traditional Faroese rowing boat in mind. The construction is formed by ten wooden frames covered in a canvas entirely made of Faroese wool, woven in the same way that the traditional woolen sails were. Bátabólið is five metres long and is suitable for up to two adults and two children.

‘BátaBólið’ hangs in Faroese boathouses, close to the sea. The word ‘neyst’ actually means boathouse in Faroese. Listen to the sounds of waves as you are lulled to sleep. And wake up revitalized - ready for a new day full of new steps and adventure.


G6WJ+5P Froðba, Faroe Islands