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This exclusive boutique brings together the creative minds of three exceptional knit designers: REKA, Einstakt, and Durita Thomsen, redefining sweaters with a modern twist.

Step into NF10, and you'll find yourself surrounded by an atmosphere that seamlessly marries tradition and innovation. Each sweater, a masterpiece in its own right, showcases the skill, passion, and creativity of the designers.

REKA, Einstakt, and Durita Thomsen each bring their unique vision to the store, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Whether you seek timeless elegance, bold and daring designs, or subtle sophistication, you'll discover a sweater that resonates with your individual style at NF10.

In this fashion haven, you're not just purchasing a sweater; you're investing in a piece of artistry and luxury. The store's team of knowledgeable and passionate staff is always at hand to guide you through the latest collections, offering personalized styling advice and ensuring that your shopping experience is nothing short of exceptional.

With its commitment to quality, sustainability, and cutting-edge design, NF10 has quickly become the ultimate destination for those who appreciate the finest in modern fashion. It's not just a store; it's a celebration of craftsmanship, individuality, and the everlasting allure of beautifully knitted sweaters. Come and explore the essence of high-end knitwear reinvented, and make your style statement at NF10.


Niels Finsens gøta 10