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Nólsoy is a small island, just 10 square km, located a few km east of the capital city Tórshavn

Nólsoy is one of the smaller islands in the Faroes, only ten square kilometres. It is situated a few kilometres east of the capital, Tórshavn. Though 371 metres high, it is the lowest of the 18 islands. In 2004, Nólsoy went from being an independent municipality to part of the large Tórshavn municipality. The island itself has no council members, but there is a committee that the villagers choose to advise on matters that concern the Nólsoy people.
In 1970, the population was about 350, but during the next years, it gradually decreased. Now, people, especially younger people, want to live in Nólsoy again. In 2019, the balance of births and deaths was 8. One person died, but 9 babies were born. At this moment (2021), the population is about 230.

Nólsoy contains what is probably the world's largest colony of European Storm-petrels. They breed on the island's eastern side and only enter their breeding grounds at night.
Guided trips to the colonies are arranged regularly (contact Visit Nólsoy).
Professional ringers often catch birds in mist nets and rings during these trips to acquire information about the population.
To enjoy the birdlife of Nólsoy, you can walk from the village towards the lighthouse to the south to Borðan. On this route, you can see Oystercatchers, Whistling, golden Plovers, northern Wheatears, and Meadow Pipits. If you are lucky, you might find Red-necked Phalaropes and Red-throated Divers.
While exploring the birdlife of Nólsoy, it's crucial to remember that the birds, their eggs, and young are particularly vulnerable during the breeding season. Please refrain from disturbing them, ensuring their safety and the preservation of this unique ecosystem.

We like very much to have visitors and would like to offer you a great adventure and a warm welcome.


9 Malarendavegur, Nólsoy 270, Faroe Islands



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