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Remót Travel

Local tour operator focusing on bespoke, high-end travel experiences

In a world that seems to be spinning increasingly faster, in which people seem to experience increasing amounts of stress and anxiety, the founders of REMÓT Travel realized the need people have for occasional escapes. The best place to escape, they believe, is to places that are remote and disconnected, and with both founders being from the Faroe Islands, they could think of no better place.

REMÓT Travel crafts unique bespoke trips. The core elements of the REMÓT Experience are:

  1. REMÓT Accommodations: This means staying at the most pristine and charming accommodations around the Faroe Islands or staying in the best accommodations that Faroese hotel luxury can offer.

  2. REMÓT Experiences: You can access a variety of REMÓT Experiences, indulging in activities that will provide you with a pure and immersive perspective on the Faroe Islands.

  3. REMÓT Experts: This is your friend, your guide, and your trusted source of information before departure, when in the Faroe Islands, and post-departure. REMÓT Experts are like local oracles – ready to help with any inquiries our travelers might have and always keen to answer any questions.


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