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Saint Mary’s Church

  • Saint Mary’s Church

Not far from Tórshavn centre and near the plantation, you will find the catholic church, Mariukirkjan. It was consecrated in 1987. Prior to this, the church was a part of Saint Francis School, closer

In the entrance is a fragmented-glass artwork by the Danish artist, Svend Havsteen-Mikkelsen. Architect Arni Winther designed the church and its interior. Tróndur Patursson made the glasswork. He designed and painted the glass-stained windows and the altarpiece. The altarpiece is an interpretation of Jesus showing his wounds. The glasswork to the right depicts an open, Faroese fishing boat with a crew in rough seas. Jesus is standing next to the boat: ‘And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea’ (Matthew 14:25).

There is a wooden carving of the Virgin Mary in the church, made by the Faroese artist, Ole Jacob Nielsen. The carving is a replica of a carving on the famous richly-carved fifteenth-century Kirkjubø benches from Ólavskirkjan in Kirkjubø, which now can be seen at the Faroe Islands National Museum.

All who wish to enjoy the beauty, art and architecture and/or spend time in quiet and solitude are very welcome. The church is open everyday from 8 to 20:00.

Mass is on Sundays and holidays at 11:00.
There is also Mass in English on the Second Sunday of the month at 16:00.


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